Do you dream of being the best?

Have you been watching the Olympics? I must say – I’m not much of a sports fan, but every single time I catch the Olympics on TV I am immediately fascinated. I always think to myself, “this is the one day that these athletes have been waiting for, dreaming for and training for”!

When you think of all the time, effort and energy these Olympians pour into their training – it’s mind blowing. And for what? For the dream of being the best in the world (which I’ve written about before).

But it’s really got me thinking – if you want to be your best at anything, regular training is necessary. Don’t you think?

They say that in life you are either moving closer to your dream, or moving farther away from it. There is no such thing as “staying still”. Achieving your dreams takes constant attention, practice, and training. Consistency and dedication, my friend.

Have you done something today to bring you closer to your dream? If so, you can easily say you are moving closer. If not, you can easily say you are moving farther away from your dream. It’s that simple, right?

So, I challenge you to release your inner olympian. Because if you’re going to be the best you can be, it requires the same daily consistence and dedication to your game that every athlete in the Olympics demonstrates.

You’re either moving closer, or farther away. There is no “staying still”. Which will it be today?

Tell me about your levels of consistency and dedication when it comes to making your dreams a reality. Leave a comment!


3 thoughts on “Do you dream of being the best?”

  1. Everything takes practice and dedication if you wish to improve. My biggest obstacle in photography was “never having anything to shoot.” Photography isn’t my full time job so I don’t always have a wedding or portrait shoot in the works. I’d go months without shooting because I didn’t have anything lined up. To change that I started a 365 day photo challenge so I always had a reason to shoot. It forces me to think photographically every day, and it has trained me to look at the world differently. Have all of the photos been portfolio material? No, but they’ve all been a learning experience, a reason to pick up my camera, and each photo taken is a chance to practice the craft of photography. Each day I go out with the mindset of taking the best photo I’ve ever taken. I’m always looking for my Olympic moment. The more I practice and train, the closer I am to that moment.

  2. Indeed! I feel like I’m a little stuck in one spot right now, but I’m not much of a fighter.

    I think I want to work BIGGER! When I go to exhibitions, I feel so incredibly small. I need something big and flashy and bright to ward off this dry spell!

  3. Most definitely!
    Today? Well today I made business emails, skyped my second shooter for an upcoming wedding, did my social media internship work, sorted through several hundred wedding images… yup! I think that all qualifies to move me towards my dream of being an amazing photographer and entrepreneur. I need to remember though that every day needs at least a little bit of work, no matter how tired or busy I am.

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