Finding the perfect day to start.

So … there’s a little voice inside of you feeding you an idea. (Yes, we’ve spoken about this little voice before.)

It’s presence is no mistake, no coincidence. It is there for a reason.  It is there to point you in the right direction, to show you your purpose.

Admittedly, this “idea” is a pretty big deal to you, whatever it may be. You love the idea of it becoming a reality, but it seems so far off from where you are today. It seems impossible, unprobable. And the steps you would have to take to make it all come true? Well, there’s a lot of steps … and now isn’t really a good time.

There’s not enough money, not enough time, your life isn’t in order yet, you’re not where you want to be. You just can’t get started. Not today, anyway. 

Right? Wrong.

Today is the perfect day to start. Why? Because you will never find “the right time”. You’ve just got to do it. Get the ball rolling. Take one small step every day in the direction of making your dream a reality. 

Because if you can dream it, you can do it. (That’s a tweetable!)

Make it happen, my friend, make it happen.

I’d love to hear your opinions on the ideas your little voice is feeding you, and when your perfect time to start will be!

10 thoughts on “Finding the perfect day to start.”

  1. wow! this is exactly what I realized about myself recently – I always want everything to be perfect so I’m afraid to even start. I just need to do it and not stop myself from creating because of fear of imperfection. Thanks for this, Alex! You’re an inspiration!

    1. Megan!

      Thank you so much for your comment! I’m so glad that this came to you at the right time, and I love what you had to say about it! “I just need to do it and not stop myself from creating because of fear of imperfection”. Beautifully said, my friend!

      Big hugs

  2. This is exactly what I wanted to read right now! I feel like there’s so many things I want to do right now, but I’ve been putting them off. I think starting is the hardest thing.


  3. Exactly what Philippa said! Starting is the hardest part, but once you make that first step and get the ball rolling, it becomes so much easier. I get like that a lot with myself when thinking about going outside to take photos. Sometimes I get an idea, or desire to go outside, and then I think of excuses not to, or “I’ll do it tomorrow”.. But when I just push myself and DO IT I feel so much better and fulfilled.

  4. I’m just like Megan, I feel like I need to plan everything PERFECTLY before I start doing something and most of the time I never end up starting it. I’m reading this amazing book right now (it’s an oldie) that made me realize that we can motivate ourselves to do ANYTHING (yes, even start that one business you’ve been talking about for two years or clean the house) by changing the way we represent the event/idea/task in our minds! 🙂

  5. That is SO frickin weird that you should decide to write about this now. This is EXACTLY how I have been feeling this week, with deciding to send the business in a new direction.
    I do feel like I am kind of standing on the edge of a diving board and keep shuffling forward to the end and rocking backwards and forwards trying to find the courage and momentum to jump off the end to get into the pool where I should be, but keep loosing my nerve and keep going back away from the edge again, thinking, maybe next week will be better, or tomorrow I will definately jump, it is the wrong time now! Thanks. I WILL make the first jump tomorrow!!!

  6. “Life is full of ups and downs. The trick is to enjoy the ups and have courage during the downs.”

    Thank you Alex for motivating words 🙂 Appreciate your time and efforts u made 🙂

  7. this is soo very true! so often we think a task is insurmountable, yet when we begin it we see that it is totally possible! you have inspired me to start more… to do more… and to live out my ideas Alex. so much can happen when we just begin! hugs!

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