Big secret: I’m using Instagram as a major part of my marketing strategy for the launch of my signature online program, “The School of Killer Impressions” (launching in October, ya’ll!)

A part of my Instagram strategy is the use of HASHTAGS. When I tell people this, they kinda glaze over, convinced that hashtags are spammy and not for them. So they end up writing these descriptions on their Instagram photos, and throwing in three or four hashtags – and that’s good for them.

If you’re using less than 30 hashtags per Instagram photo, you’re leaving opportunity on the table.

Why 30? Because that’s the maximum Instagram will allow you to use per photo. By using 30 hashtags, you’re able to introduce yourself to new audiences, which helps you GROW.  The problem is, when you use 30 hashtags, it can feel overwhelming because it really does look spammy to most people.

How do you use 30 hashtags without coming off as spammy?

By putting your hashtags in the most discrete place possible. Watch this video to find out where I suggest you put your hashtags, and how to make sure they stay CONCEALED.



A huge thanks to The Spark Lounge for helping me find the perfect topic for this week’s Chatty Tuesday episode. You guys rock.



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