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Hey! You are going to love me for this week’s Chatty Tuesday video because it lets you in on a little secret method of mine when combatting people who want a “family & friends” discount. This video will enlighten you with three little known tips on how to do “free” or “discounted” work. You will learn: 1) […]

So … there’s a little voice inside of you feeding you an idea. (Yes, we’ve spoken about this little voice before.) It’s presence is no mistake, no coincidence. It is there for a reason.  It is there to point you in the right direction, to show you your purpose. Admittedly, this “idea” is a pretty […]

Hey lovers, Let’s address the big, scary nine letter word: MARKETING. I used to be so scared of this word that the first time another professional photographer asked me what I was doing to market my business I responded cluelessly with, “What do you mean?” … and I have a DEGREE in Marketing! That tells […]

Remember the other day when I said my sister and I went for lunch? Well, after we finished up our lovely meals we still had 20 minutes to kill so we decided to walk around Covent Garden. We soon found ourselves in The Body Shop. There were so many products I didn’t even know where […]