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Hey friend, Common problem that seems to be coming up for a lot of you lately: not being able to communicate the value of your offerings to your potential clients. Wanna know what you might be missing? Watch this video to find out. The written version: For the last 3 weeks, I’ve been interviewing tons of applicants […]

Hey friends,  In today’s video I’ll be answering, “What is the best way to determine your pricing?” You’ll learn 1) a great way to discover how much your services/products are worth; 2) the value of charging what you’re worth; 3) what people are really paying for when they buy your products/services; Click here to watch this 3 minute video: Leave […]

Hey friends,  I want to let you in on some of the private details of my business today. Get excited. Today you’ll learn: 1) my sales goal; 2) how I attract people who say YES to my offer; 3) how I stay energetically aligned to avoid chaos during my launch; and 4) how I handle the stress of not yet reaching my […]

Hey friends, Wanna know my thoughts on the fears of launching your product/service to crickets? Watch this video for more. Click here to apply for the Together We Launch Mastermind. With love xoxo Alex

Hey friends,  Why do you succumb to the pressures of your excuses? Why do you choose comfort over growth? Why do you stay STAGNANT instead of making MOVES? Check out this week’s episode for the REALITY CHECK of a lifetime: Leave a comment and let me know: What action step are you going to take today […]