Back in 2011, online business models didn’t exist in the way they do today. So when I say I stumbled upon the online business model, I really mean it.

You see, back in 2011, I was following my passion to become a

Along the way, I was creating high quality, consistent content on social media, and I was growing an audience FAST! At some point I decided to start selling photoshop actions (which are similar to color filters you use on Instagram).

I had very low expectations, and quite frankly, no clue what I was doing, which is why I was shocked that within a year, the Photoshop actions business generated over $100,000 USD in online sales without a single dollar spent on advertising.

Not only was the money fantastic, but my lifestyle dramatically changed. No longer was I chasing down every photography job, and working myself to death. Suddenly I was able to slow down, work way more flexibly on my own terms, and experience a freedom and way of life that I did not know was possible for me.

That's when I knew that I wanted to be teaching and learning as much as I possibly could about the online business model, particularly the information business model, where you sell your knowledge and expertise as digital products in the form of courses and educational materials.

Because I knew this online business model was a modern-day key to helping people access a meaningful life of freedom and growth, and I couldn't think of anything else I'd rather spend my time doing.

I create weekly videos for my YouTube channel
which now has almost 30,000 subscribers,
and 1.7 million views.

I teach my clients how to use the online business model
to add meaning, money and freedom into their lives
through my transformational and educational
experiences The Spark Lounge and
The School of Killer Impressions.

I live and study the online business model
and I'm here to help it go *viral*.