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It’s no secret that I’ve been addicted to using Snapchat lately. The only problem is that some people still don’t have Snapchat accounts. To solve this problem, I decided to make a series of Snapchat Tutorials for those who are struggling. You’re welcome ;). This particular video is going to teach you how to add someone on Snapchat. Because, trust me, […]

 Did you guys enjoy the bloopers today on Snapchat? (@thealexbeadon) Hilarious right – those parrots did NOT want to leave me alone! hahaha. This week’s Chatty Tuesday video was inspired by a conversation I had last week in The Spark Lounge with a woman who creates weekly videos for her business, but feels as though […]

Hey friends, HAPPY FEBRUARY! If you’re following me on Snapchat, you’ll know that I’m doing this new thing where I celebrate each month as though it’s a new year! Cuz you know how you start a new year and you feel ON FIRE and INSPIRED and things just feel GOOD?! Well, I want more of that in my […]

Hey Gorgeous, I love you, I really do. I think you’re doing an incredible job with everything you’re doing. And because of that, I *have* to make sure you’re not making this profit-crushing mistake. And if you are making this mistake – don’t worry, it’s an easy fix. It might feel uncomfortable at first, but once you do it and see the extra money […]

Hey darlings,  You know I like to keep it real. So here goes nothing. I woke up yesterday ready to do a full day of work. Because for the past few Sundays, that’s what I’ve been doing: Work. And I’ve been digging this Sunday work routine. Working on a Sunday has been feeling super productive to me, and […]