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My best friend Laura is in town this week visiting me from NYC, and I couldn’t be happier! Tomorrow we’re going to breakfast at The Oxford Exchange with Feel Good Blogger, Asia, and then heading off for a relaxing day at Siesta Key Beach (which just so happened to be voted the #1 beach to travel to in the […]

Think of the last person who emailed you asking for your prices or information. This person was an interested potential customer, a hot lead, someone worth impressing. How did that first interaction with them go? The only question that matters is: DID YOU BLOW THEIR MINDS? Did they walk away from their first encounter with your business bursting […]

Hey friends,  This really breaks my heart. Do you know what happens when I click on your Facebook profile and you don’t have it hooked up to your Facebook Business Page? My marketing heart BREAKS for you. Why? Because you’re making it virtually impossible for people to learn more about what you do. And it’s hurting your […]

Hey friends, I hope you’ve had an amazing week! I’ve gotta say – it’s been *awesome* to connect with so many of you on Snapchat. I love showing you guys the behind-the-scenes of my life and business, and love that it’s affecting so many of you in a positive way by showing you what’s possible […]

Hey friend, Today I’m throwing confetti at you because this is our 125TH CHATTY TUESDAY EPISODE!!!! I seriously can’t believe it … how time flies when you’re having fun, right? For our 125th episode we are going to be talking about SNAPCHAT, my new favorite social media network! In this short, six minute video I cover: […]