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There are certain rules I live by when it comes to my business. The one I want to talk to you about today is this: I must continue to actively and consciously create a business that supports me not only financially, but creatively, emotionally, AND spiritually. It’s about creating a job that doesn’t feel like […]

THE QUESTION: Hi Alex! I follow you everywhere (on social media haha, didn’t mean to scare you there), and I’m curious about using snapchat for my own business, just for fun (I’m a wedding photographer so I’d like to share on the go behind the scenes from shoots and my office everyday life). What I […]

What does it mean to be great? What does it mean to create exceptional things? I’m not sure.  But for me it often requires perspective. And sometimes, the best way to get perspective is to break free. Break free of the mold, the expectations. And that’s why I have to let go of Chatty Tuesdays. […]

Hey friend!  To those who aren’t of the online world, this might seem strange: Katie, Carly and I met on Instagram, and 2 weeks ago they came to stay with me in my Tampa apartment for a few days! At first glance, it might seem strange. Meeting someone on Instagram, and then having them stay over at your […]