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Hey friend, Gonna start off with the goods, then move onto my truth, then onto what I’ve been up to. Enjoy, and feel free to respond if you feel called to do so. Question: do you ever wish you were making cool Snapchat and Instagram stories, but just feel like your life is too boring? […]

Since I made the decision in July to focus on my YouTube channel, I’ve been spending a lot of time getting clear on what it is that I want to create in the world. A few things I know for sure: I want YOU to look forward to my videos EVERY SINGLE WEEK. I want […]

Ever feel too ugly to make videos? Or maybe … you don’t have the right camera equipment? Or … you feel your voice is suuuper annoying? Or maybe, like me, you put coconut oil in your hair the night before and now look like a greasy mess 😉 Whatever excuse it is that you’re giving […]

Hey friends,  Happy Tuesday, you fabulous entrepreneur! ???? As you go into your day I want you to remember that you are exactly where you need to be, and that every challenge in your life is an opportunity for growth. GET EXCITED! ???? Let’s start today off with a wonderful new episode of Q&Alex, where […]