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So many crazy things have happened in the past 7 days. I’ll give you a quick rundown: The local coffee shop that I normally work from? It closed down yesterday – no warning, no nothing. Our car started giving us trouble last week, and we ended up having to get a new one. Everything’s totally fine, so don’t […]

Light Bulb Moments are short, easily digestible posts that were created because I believe in the power of instant inspiration. These posts were designed to give you an immediate boost of inspiration to keep moving towards your dreams. It could be an inspiring photo, quote, video or anything that will give you that instant sense of satisfaction and motivation.  This is your […]

Hey friend!  Oh do I love me some Chatty Tuesdays Ever wonder how to design your website? If so, you’re gonna love this video. In it, I walk you through the entire re-design process of my own web design. I highlight why  I did certain things AND you get the inside behind-the-scenes info that will hopefully inspire you in your own design! Sign up for […]

Hey friend! I’ve got a big one for you today that’s going to burst a lot of bubbles: Contrary to popular belief… … you CAN market your products and services on Pinterest without the fancy photography skills … And guess what? Today I’m going to show you how. In this video, I’ll show you one way […]

Hey friend, It’s okay to admit it … Sometimes it feels like it’s taking *forever* for success to show up, doesn’t it? Here’s a positive reminder for you: Have you ever heard of Iggy Azalea? Iggy’s hit song, “Fancy”, had a 7-week reign on the Billboard Hot 100. Huge success, right? Here’s the thing: She’s been pursuing […]