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Hey friend, Okay I’ve got something pretty juicy for you today. In the last few weeks, Instagram added a brand new feature to the mix, and it’s one that you as a business owner should *definitely* know about. In this video I cover how to market your business on Instagram in this new way, and […]

Hey friends, As I write this I’m sitting in my kitchen in England, waiting *patiently*, because the internet here has been so ridiculously slow. Honestly, I’m just praying this posts haha. I really hope you enjoy Vlog 006. Let me know what you think in the comment section!  With love, xoxo Alex

Vlog 005 is live. Enjoy. And when you’re done, leave a comment. You know I love hearing from you. Call to action: Tell me: do you and your sibling fight over who’s “the favorite”? What was your favorite part of the video?  

Hey friend, This is pretty much a nightmare as a business owner. I disappointed a client earlier this week and it sucked (you can learn the specific details of the situation in yesterday’s vlog). When things like this happen, it really makes me step back and evaluate myself and my business, and – to be honest, I see […]

Hey friend,  If you ever wonder what *really* goes on behind-the-scenes of an entrepreneur, this is a great video for you to watch. In this video I … show you how I make sure I’m in focus when filming myself for Chatty Tuesdays give you the behind-the-scenes story and inspiration behind this week’s episode of […]